Why Yoga?

I had a brief introduction to yoga when I was in college getting my dance minor. I took some random classes here and there and really like the movements and the flow. I will admit at first, I attended yoga classes mainly to stay in shape. I didn’t really look much deeper into it. Then after several years of working at stressful jobs, I eventually turned to yoga for a stress reliever and to help wind down. More recently, after being in a car accident with several injuries, yoga helped me get through some tough times. Since yoga was the only form of exercise I was able to do at the time, it helped to relieve my anxiety and speed up my healing process. So for me, yoga has evolved into not only just a “work out” but a practice that unifies the mind, body and spirit. I knew I wanted to practice yoga forever, so why not get certified?

As most of you know, I’ve wanted to travel to Thailand for many many years, so it seemed like the perfect idea to combine the two when I found Vikasa Yoga
So here is my journey…


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