Bring on the water works

For the final week of training we had the pleasure of meeting the beautiful Ting Ting from Hong Kong.


She brought a unique twist to our asana practice, doing more of a “flow” style class along with music. She also walked us through a module called “Yoga in Action” but it should have been called “Yoga therapy” as it seemed to bring out every emotion! We had exercises that involved answering questions like: “what one great thing would you try to accomplish if you knew that you were guaranteed success?” or “what has been a big challenge that you over came?” or “what would you do in life if you didn’t have to worry about money?”. It forced us to think about how we want to live our lives, and doing it with authenticity, staying true to ourselves. We would often discuss in small groups, with our yoga buddy (shout out to Melissa), or with the entire group. I’m not going lie, it was challenging! We also did an exercise where we stood across from someone else (feet touching) and we had to look into their eyes for 3 minutes, no talking just eye contact. Talk about awkward! At first we kept giggling, then after doing this with several different people it was easier to focus. You really don’t know someone until you stare at their eyes. I felt many different emotions, some eyes were sad, filled with fear, and others felt calm, safe, and happy. Overall it was a great exercise!

To lighten up the mood she put on some fun tunes and taught us some acro-yoga postures and stretches that we could do with partners.




Our week with Ting Ting was awesome, I wish we had more time with her. She truly is an inspiration and I aspire to be just like her when I become a teacher.
So now that we have pushed our bodies to the limit, and now our minds…it’s on to graduation!!


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