Kick Your Asana!

So far I’m learning so much in my teacher training! We are learning about the many different aspects of yoga like anatomy, philosophy, and sanskrit. But by far, the most difficult part of the course is the asana practice. All of the teachers here provide a challenging class, but Kosta takes the cake! Kosta is the founder of Vikasa and boy does he know how to kick our asanas! Remember how I said George is like a human pretzel?


Well Kosta is what you get when you combine Gumby and Ken:)




He truly is amazing and has so much knowledge that he is sharing with us. However, his class is the one that we LOVE to hate! It is more of a strength building class that we all struggle through, but the end results so far have been totally worth it! Here are some examples below…

The warm up! On the first day we did this about 50 times and we thought we were going to die! You hold your arms out to the side, imagine that you are grabbing a doorknob and twisting it rotating your shoulders forward. Go ahead try it…Now we can do it past 100 and he has even added in variations like doing it in chair pose.


The snail pose pops up in every class. It used to be one of my favorites…



But not when you have to hold it for 3 minutes!


This is one of Kosta’s favorites. Iron Bridge…


And another favorite that is repeated several times throughout class. You bring your knees into the chest, coming onto your toes and your body weight is in your hands. OUCH!


And of course the basis for all arm balance poses…chaturanga. We either hold this for almost a minute, or do a sequence repeating the hold several times. I think my biceps have been sore ever since I arrived.


This is just a little taste of what our evening practices entail. Every pose is held for MANY counts and there are also lots of arm balances sprinkled in for fun! As difficult as the classes are, I feel myself getting stronger everyday and am thankful for Kosta and his teachings. More to come later!



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