Well I’m about halfway through my trip and I thought I’d share some fun facts about Thailand so you can get an idea of what life is like on Samui…
1. I think by now you all know that wi-fi is NEVER dependable.

2. I just recently learned that the same thing goes with electricity.

3. It is respectful to take your shoes off at most places before you enter.


4. The people here are SO NICE! Very friendly, helpful, and have so much pride in their land and culture.

5. The driving is insane here. They drive on the left side of the road and there are no rules what-so-ever. Everyday I plan on renting a scooter and then talk myself out of it. In case you’re wondering that little head is a small, small child on the front of the red scooter!


6. Samui is the largest producer of coconuts in Thailand, so there is never a shortage of fresh coconut water

…and coconut yogurt


coconut shakes, soup, shrimp, I could go on and on. So delicious!

7. Be careful when you flush!


8. Every morning I’m awaken by the sound of a rooster and some other animal, bird, or reptile that I can’t figure out. Just when I forget where I am, they remind me and I love it.

9. Everything is so inexpensive here, especially the Thai massage. We are lucky enough to have a spa in our apartment complex, but you can pretty much find them on every corner. 400 Baht is roughly $12 USD. I swear it’s better than Ballantyne Resort! I haven’t gotten the Manicuse yet. LOL!


10. Meet my pet lizard. I know it’s hard to see in the pic, but this guy has been with me since I moved in. I appreciate the fact that he eats all of the mosquitos for me, but sometimes he likes to pop out when I least expect him. I’m glad he’s just a little guy, some of the other girls have found MUCH bigger ones!


11. It’s very rare that I sit in an actual chair. We have cushions that we use at the studio during lecture and when we eat. I’m hoping it will help my posture, but in the mean time we try to think of as many different positions as possible to get comfortable…




Sometimes you’re lucky enough to get a spot up against the pole


When all else fails, strike a yoga pose


12. Good to know, I guess???


13. I’m totally getting used to washing my clothes in a sink and hanging them out to dry on my balcony outside.

14. It’s so hot and humid, my hair never stood a chance (think Monica on Friends). Also our sunglasses fog up every time we leave the apartment!

15. That being said…we never, EVER get tired of the beautiful beaches and scenery here. This place truly is paradise, and I’m so lucky to be here!




More to come on my teacher training progress!
Namaste for now


7 thoughts on “Thai-isms

  1. David Pike says:

    Nicole it sounds awesome!!!! So happy for you!

  2. Leslie says:

    Sounds wonderful! Miss you, have fun, learn lots!!!

  3. Food Babe says:

    Memories!!!! I love this post. I miss you already and it’s only been 2 days since we left!

  4. Monique Douglas says:

    Omg Nicole!!! I just stumbled upon this & am so excited for you & this experience!!! Go girl!

  5. mjdoug1 says:

    This sounds like such a fantastic journey-learning the discipline of yoga in such magnificent surroundings. This appears to be a serendipitous experience which will be with you always!

    All the best and safe journey home!
    Micki (By the way, I am Monique Douglas’ Mom).

    • Nicole says:

      oh wow it’s been ages since I’ve seen you 🙂 Yes, this truly is a life-changing experience that I will never forget!! I’m truly blessed to be here.

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